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 Why Didn't You Get It Done?
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A Guide To Helping You Get Off Your Assets
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Too many times in life, we are faced with times of reflection as to what went wrong in achieving our goals, dreams or deadlines.The roots of the problems are usually right in front of us. Once we find the root, we can get to the problem, and eventually the solution. This book is designed to assist you in that path, by forcing you to say to yourself, "NO MORE EXCUSES". Once you decide to look at the reflections of yourself and place the blame at the person in the mirror, you are on your way to success. So, if you have ever missed deadlines, failed in accomplishing goals or feel that you missed out on  your dreams, I ask you one simple question, "Why Didn't You Get It Done?"
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"Awesome. Incredible book. It is provocative. It is pushing you to do what's right."
John Reilly, Regional Vice President of Metro Public Adjustment, Inc
"Barrett's book will definitely help you to accomplish your goals and your initiatives and 'get off your assets' and actually 'Get It Done' "
Alexis Lior, CEO & Founder of FLOW Ink, LLC
"It's going to cause you to get up and do something that you need to do."
Klarque Garrison, Entrepreneur, Media Personality and Owner of Survival Radio Network
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • You'll learn that you are the only one who is responsible when things don't get done. You will learn that putting the weight on your shoulders is the best way to grow as a leader and as a person.
  • Procrastination is not the real enemy, but a byproduct of your own anxiety. You will find out why you are anxious and what causes you to lean towards procrastination
  • You will learn that whatever you feel is holding you back is not as unique as you think. You will see that there are many others who have the same or similar challenges that cause them angst, as well.
  • You'll learn that over the years, you have developed all kinds of bad habits. Many of these habits have that you own have caused you to hold back or wait to act on key elements of your life, but now you have an answer to get yourself back on the right track to accomplishments and completion of your goals and desires.
  • You'll learn that action is the key to every success and inaction is the key to every failure. You'll learn that only motion in the right direction will get you where you need to go.
  • Productivity is something that must be worked on and is not something everyone does naturally. You will see that there are ways to beat procrastination today!
  • You will learn that there are simple strategies and tactics to eliminate the big monster on your back. You will learn that you do not have to be like most of the people you know who never finish.
  • You'll learn why coaching with a productivity expert is the best way to increase profits in your business and bring in more income to your life. You'll learn that this book is a guide and a kick in the pants that will catapult you to get the help you need in order to finally stop procrastinating on your life and your purpose.
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